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#Mozilla just announced they are joining the #fediverse :fediverse:

"In early 2023, Mozilla will stand up and test a publicly accessible instance in the Fediverse at Mozilla.Social"

they will start with Mastodon, but are "looking forward to working on the challenges that crosscut the Fediverse" #FediNews

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as much as i love the tech angle on mastodon i'm having trouble finding all the good shitposters to really round out the experience

looking forward to spending the day after thanksgiving migrating random projects off of heroku free tier

@jennschiffer i was thinking of making a JC mastodon instance. i’m on my own now and it feels pretty barren without other local users lol

Looking at streams as a solution for streaming data from mysql binary log to various consumers. Seems like a potentially simpler (and cheaper?) solution over and + redis is already in our stack.
Anybody have particularly good/bad experiences with redis streams?

@carlton Yes I agree with that 100%. I suppose coming from the PHP world (Symfony, Zend, etc) I viewed content negotiation as table stakes in a framework, but I learned quickly Django's philosophy is a bit different than those (and the PHP world in general perhaps)

🏃🏻‍♂️Endurance runner + software engineer.

💼 Currently working at a B2B SaaS startup, previously APIs at Behance/Adobe.

💻 Also building on the side ;)

Fell in love with and a few years ago, hoping to connect more with that community here!

@carlton hope this goes through! when i started working in Django in 2019 i was surprised to learn it wasn't included in core. glad to see movement here.


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